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Recently Completed Projects


                                                      SUNY New Paltz – Loren Campbell Baseball Field Renovation 2011

                                                      1 Hawk Drive

                                                      New Paltz, NY  12561

                                                      ph: (845) 257-3196       Attn: David Farbaniac

Completion Date:                       November 2011

                                                      Total Project Cost:  $ 334,440.00

                                                      Related Work:  Demolition and reconstruction of existing baseball field.



                                                      Stewart Air National Guard Base – Bldg. 209, Add/Alt.

                                                      1 Maguire Way

                                                      Newburgh, NY  12550

Completion Date:                       November 2011

General Contractor:                  C.Max Enterprises Inc.

                                                     ph: (845) 723-4338       Attn: Chris Geysen

                                                     Total Project Cost:  $200,207.00

                                                     Related Work:  Building excavation and backfill, installation of water,

                                                     storm and sanitary sewer systems, asphalt pavement.



                                                     Lakeland CSD – Reconstruction Project

                                                     1086 East Main St. Shrub Oak, NY 10588

Completion Date:                       August 2011

Engineer/Architect                     Mach Architecture

                                                      5500 Main St.

                                                      Williamsville, NY  14221

                                                      ph: (716) 565-1349    Attn: Greg Tomsic

                                                      Total Project Cost:  $ 396,389.00

                                                      Related Work: Site excavation, utility connections, drainage, erosion                                                       control, storm water management, landscaping and asphalt paving.


                                                      Town/Village of Red Hook – Linden Ave. Sidewalks

                                                      7340 South Broadway

                                                      Red Hook, NY  12571

Completion Date:                        December 20, 2010

Engineer                                       D.F. Wheeler Engineers

                                                       37 West Market St.

                                                       Red Hook, NY  12571

                                                       ph: (845) 758-3926 Dan Wheeler

                                                       Total Project Cost: $ 210,000.00

                                                       Related Work: Construction  of new concrete curbing and sidewalks,

                                                       installation of catch basins and related pipe work.


                                                      SUNY New Paltz

                                                      Pavement & Walkway Upgrade Campus Wide Parker Quad

Completion Date:                       September 2010

Architects/Engineer                 SUNY New Paltz

                                                      1 Hawk Drive

                                                      New Paltz, NY  12561

                                                      ph: (845) 257-3309

                                                      Total Project Cost:  $ 398,830.00

                                                      Related Work:  Demolition and pavement reconstruction and decorative                                                                 asphalt imprinting.


                                                      Rock Hill Walking Path

                                                      Town of Thompson – Owner

Completion Date                        December 2009

Architect/Engineer                   McGoey,Hauser & Edsall

                                                      33 Airport Center

                                                      New Windsor, NY  12553

                                                      ph: (845) 567-3100

                                                      Total Project Cost: $ 137,000.00

                                                      Related Work:  Textured asphalt sidewalks, StreetPrint, site restoration.


                                                      City of Poughkeepsie

                                                      Pershing Park Basketball Court Rehabilitation

Completion Date                        September 2009

City Engineer:                           Richard DuPilka

                                                      62 civic Center Plaza

                                                      Poughkeepsie, NY  12601

                                                      ph: (845) 451-4106

                                                      Related Work: Excavation and disposal of existing basketball court,                                                                      installation of new asphalt basketball court, including line striping and site                                                            restoration.


                                                             Renovations and Site Development

                                                                                 Schuylerville Central School District

Completion Date                        August 2008 

Architect/Engineer                  SEI Design Group

                                                      187 Wolf Rd

                                                      Albany, NY 12205

                                                      ph: (518) 435-2467

                                                                        Total Project Cost:  $ 589,000.00

                                                                        Related Work: Drainage improvements, new playground.


                                                                                Hadley-Luzerne Central School Excel Project - Site Work

                                                     Hadley-Luzerne Central School District

Completion Date                       August 2008

Architect/Engineer                  Smith Pollard Architects

                                                      323 Clinton St.

                                                      Schenectady, NY 12305

                                                      ph: (518) 399-4174

                                                                        Total Project Cost:  $ 487,000.00

                                                      Related Work: Retaining wall, paving, concrete walks and curbing, septic                                                              system.


                                                      Greene County IDA - Vermilyea Lane Improvements

                                                      Greene County IDA

Completion Date                        November 2008

Architect/Engineer                   Delaware Engineering, P.C.

                                                      28 Madison Ave. Ext.

                                                      Albany, NY 12203

                                                      ph: (518) 452-1290

                                                      Total Project Cost: $ 633,855.75

                                                      Related Work: Construction of 1,400 l.f. commercial roadway to include                                                                 sanitary sewer, drainage, water main, electric and gas


                                                     Poughkeepsie Housing Authority Renovation to Existing Basketball                                                                     Court/Park

                                                     Poughkeepsie Housing Authority

Completion Date                       2008 

Architect/Engineer                  LAN Associates

                                                     252 Main St.

                                                     Goshen, NY 10924

                                                     ph: (845) 615-0350

                                                     Total Project Cost: $ 305,712.00                                                  

                                                     Related Work: Reconstruction of existing basketball court to include                                                      demolition, drainage, concrete walks and curbing



                                                      Elant Place

                                                      Elant Inc./Lifestyles Concepts, LLC                                                               

Completion Date                        2008

Architect/Engineer                  Kaeyer, Garment, & Davidson Architects

                                                      285 Main St.

                                                      Mount Kisco, NY 10549

                                                      ph: (914) 666-5900

                                                      Total Project Cost $ 5,200,000.00

                                                      Related Work: Complete site development - Senior housing facility                                                                          consisting of 45 individual town house units and a 21 unit apartment



                                                      Bethlehem Middle School Contract MS - 20 Site work

                                                      Bethlehem Central School District

Completion Date                        2007

Architect/Engineer                  Collins and Scoville Architects

                                                      40 Beaver St.

                                                      Albany, NY 12207

                                                      Ph: (518) 463-8068

                                                      Total Project Cost: $ 1,110,000.00

                                                      Related Work: Parking lot development, site work related to underground                                                            utilities, concrete and granite curbing, concrete walks, landscaping and                                                                   hydro-seeding.



                                                             Wallkill Correctional Facility  - Project No. Q1127

Completion Date                        2007

                                                      48 McKendrick  Rd.

                                                      P.O. Box 446

                                                      Wallkill, NY 12589

                                                      ph: (845) 895-3170   Attn: Henry Strys

                                                      Total Project Cost: $ 36,000.00

                                                      Related Work:         Septic System installation.



                                                     Newburgh Enlarged City School District - Library Parking Improvements

                                                     Newburgh Enlarged City School District

Completion Date                       2007

Architect/Engineer                  Sammel Architecture PLLC

                                                     332 Rt. 100

                                                     Somers, NY 10589

                                                     ph: (914) 276-0777  

                                                     Total Project Cost: $ 65,000.00

                                                     Related Work:  Remove and replace parking lot.


                                                     Town of Hyde Park             

Completion Date                        2007

Engineer                                    c/o Morris Associates, P.S., L.L.C.

                                                      Engineering Consultants

                                                      9 Elks Lane

                                                      Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

                                                      ph: (845) 454-3411     Attn: Peter D. Setaro, P.E.


                                                      Related Work:      Site work at Municipal Parking Lot to include: New                                                                  drainage, curbing, concrete pavers, asphalt paving, and “StreetPrint                                                                       Pavement  Texturing Application ”.



                                                      North Colonie Soccer Complex

                                                                        Town of Colonie

Completion Date                        2006

Architect/Engineer                            J. Kenneth Fraser & Associates

                                                      22 High St.

                                                      Rensselaer, NY 12144

                                                      ph: (518) 463-4400

                                                      Total Project Cost   $ 1,160,000.00

                                                       Related Work: Soccer field development consisting of 6 individual fields,                                                            site cut and fill, topsoil screening and spreading, underground utilities,                                                                   hydroseeding and landscaping.



                                                     Germantown Central School District - Athletic Field Renovation Project

                                                     Germantown Central School District

Completion Date                       2005

Architect/Engineer                        Rhinebeck Architecture and Planning PC

                                                     21 East Market St.

                                                     Rhinebeck, NY 12572

                                                     ph: (845) 876-2832

                                                      Total Project Cost: $ 523,000.00

                                                      Related Work:  Site demolition, recreational fields, development and                                                                        reconstruction, under drainage, site utilities, cut/fill.




Albany Housing Authority
4 Lincoln Square
Albany, NY 12202
ph: (518) 641-7532

Attn: Laura Moody, Modernization Coordinator
Attn: Ted Koch, Senior Superintendent of Construction

Related Work:

Sitework at Robert Whalen Homes to include: Demolition of deteriorated sidewalks and trash houses, new sidewalks, trash houses, parking lot, granite curbing, landscaping, and hydroseeding

Town of Hyde Park
c/o Morris Associates, P.S., L.L.C.

Engineering Consultants
9 Elks Lane
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
ph: (845) 454-3411

Attn: Peter D. Setaro, P.E.

Related Work:

Site work at Municipal Parking Lot to include: New drainage, curbing, concrete pavers, asphalt paving, and "StreetPrint Pavement Texturing Application ".

Town of Greenville
Rt. 32 P.O. Box 38
Greenville, NY 12083
ph: (518) 966-5055

Attn: Brian Wicks, Town Supervisor

Related Work:

Greenville Waterline Contract # 2 to include: 4050' of water main installation, 5 hydrant assemblies, 14 house services, and related restoration.

Newburgh Housing Authority
c/o McGoey, Hauser, & Edsall Consulting Engineers, PC

33 Airport Center Drive
Suite 202
New Windsor, NY 12553
ph: (845) 567-3100

Attn: Eric Denega, Project Engineer

Related Work:

Sitework at Mullens Apartments to include: Sidewalks, basketball court, parking lot, light poles and fixtures, and lawn work.

Troy Housing Authority
One Eddy's Lane
Troy, NY 12180
ph: (518) 273-3626
Attn: Bill Madsen, Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator

Related Work:

Sitework at Catherine Sweeney Apartments, Phase II to include: Sidewalk and parking lot removal, extensive cut and fill, new drainage, water main, concrete sidewalks, asphalt sidewalks, parking lot, retaining walls, landscaping, playground, and "StreetPrint Pavement Texturing Application".

City of Poughkeepsie
62 Civic Center Plaza
P.O. Box 300
Poughkeepsie, NY 12602
ph: (845) 451-4074
Attn: Phil Bell, City Engineer

Related Work:

Sitework at Waryas Park to include: Retaining walls, brick pavers, concrete sidewalks, decorative light poles, hydroseeding, and landscaping

City of Newburgh
c/o McGoey, Hauser, and Edsall Consulting Engineers, PC

33 Airport Drive Suite 202
New Windsor, NY 12553
ph: (845) 567-3100
Attn: Bill Hauser, P.E. Principal

Related Work:

Sitework at Broadway Sidewalk Phase VIII to include: Removal of a city block of concrete sidewalks, installation of new concrete sidewalks, trees, parking meters, and other related appurtenances.

Village of New Paltz
c/o Brinnier and Larios, P.C.
Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors

67 Maiden Lane
Kingston, NY 12401
ph: (845) 338-7622
Attn: Richard Ruth, P.E., Senior Project Engineer

Related Work:

Sitework at New Paltz Sidewalk Improvements to include: Removal of old retaining wall, installation of new retaining wall, sidewalk, and curbing.

SUNY New Paltz
75 South Manheim Blvd.
Suite 9
New Paltz, NY 12561-2443
ph: (845) 257-3190


Clough, Harbour, & Associates LLP
III Winner Circle
P.O. Box 5269
Albany, NY12205-0269
ph: (518) 453-4787

Attn: Chris Grassi, Contract Administrator
Attn: Ron Treers

Related Work:

Sitework at Lefever Parking Lot to include: Removal of old gravel lot, installation of new drainage, site lighting, granite curbing, concrete pavers, asphalt sidewalks, asphalt parking lot, and landscaping.

Coxsackie-Athens Central School District
c/o BBL Construction Services, LLC

302 Washington Ave. Ext.
PO Box 12789
Albany, NY 12212
ph: (518) 452-8200
Attn: Mike DeLima, Project Manager

Related Work:

Extensive sitework at Coxsackie-Athens Central School District, District Wide Alterations and Additions to include: Structural excavation for new addition, drainage, sanitary sewer pump station with force main, curbing, sidewalks, asphalt parking lots, ball field work, hydroseeding, and landscaping


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